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Decoding Apple’s Balance Sheet Apa Format Essay

Disentangling Apple’s Balance Sheet In March of 2009, Apple had its best March quarter income and profit in Apple history (Apple). So as to perceive how this happened, it is essential to investigate the fiscal reports of Apple. There is a ton of data accessible to financial specialists who are keen on putting resources into an organization. By taking a gander at the asset report of Apple I will decide whether putting resources into Apple is a smart thought or an impractical notion. A few things I will consider are Apple’s resources, liabilities, and shareholder’s value. These territories should give me understanding to how the best quarter in Apple history ame to be. Taking a gander at the present resources of Apple, money and money counterparts went down from 1. 8 billion dollars to 4. 4 billion dollars. This may take a gander from the outset, however the entirety of different resources must be added to this so as to get a general image of the advantages. Momentary attractive protections went up from 10. 2 billion dollars to 20. 5 billion dollars. This aided Apple’s resources develop enormously. Records receivable tumbled to 1. 9 billion dollars from 2. 4 billion dollars. With the remainder of the present resources fgured in, inventories, conceded charge resources, and other current resources, the all out current resources ose to 33. billion dollars from 32. 3 billion dollars. That was an ascent of 1. 5 billion dollars (Apple). It is critical to consider the remainder of the benefits. For instance, long haul attractive protections rose 1. 5 billion dollars, property, plant and hardware rose 0. 91 billion dollars, altruism remained the equ ivalent, obtained elusive resources fell 0. 017 billion dollars, and different resources rose 0. 56 billion dollars. Since we realize how every benefit was influenced during this quarter, we go to the last numbers, which are absolute resources rose 3. 6 billion dollars. Apple developed its benefits considerably during this quarter. I would figure Apple would be a decent organization to put resources into. Before I settled on any choices I would examine the accounting report further so as to contrast liabilities and shareholder’s value and the past quarter. This will give me a superior comprehension of the money related circumstance of the organization (Apple). Current liabilities are in the principal segment of liabilities and shareholder’s value. The accompanying records are present liabilities and how they fared. Records payable went down from 5. 5 billion dollars to 3. 9 billion dollars. Accumulated costs went down 1 billion dollars. Conceded income went up from 4. 8 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars. The complete change in current liabilities was an abatement of 0. 4 billion dollars. The other two liabilities classes, conceded income (non-current) and other non-current liabilities, rose on the whole 0. 7 billion dollars. This gives the absolute liabilities an ascent of 0. 3 billion dollars. This sum contrasted with current resources isn't as huge. So far Apple is as yet resembling a wise speculation on the grounds that the advantages of Apple rose 1. 5 billion dollars while their liabilities just rose 0. billion dollars. It is currently an ideal opportunity to investigate the last classification of the asset report, the shareholder’s value (Apple). The estimation of investors value, basic stock, rose from 7. 1 billion dollars to billion dollars. Collected other far reaching salary rose . 07 billion dollars. All out shareholder’s value rose 3. 3 billion dollars. So including the ascent of 0. 4 billion dollars in liabilities with the 3. 3 billion dollar ascent of the shareholder’s value, we get a similar sum, 3. 7 billion dollars, as we got for the ascent in absolute resources. The asset report adjusts (Apple). With the ascent in resources, which prompted the ascent in held profit, I figure Apple would be a decent organization to put resources into on the grounds that they are developing their business. I would need to take a gander at past fiscal reports, explicitly the accounting reports, so as to look at resources, liabilities, and shareholder’s value from past quarters, yet from the data introduced on the asset report from this quarter I would put resources into Apple. References Apple reports second quarter results. (2009, April 22). Recovered August 29, 2010, from http://www. apple. com/pr/library/2009/04/22results. html

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Business Plan For The Mead Johnson Nutritional Company Marketing Essay

Strategy For The Mead Johnson Nutritional Company Marketing Essay An activity examine was supported by Mead Johnson in a joint effort with NGO to get to its adequacy regarding expanding weight of newborn children of weaning age in urban ghettos of Dhaka city capital of Bangladesh. The discoveries of the examination expresses that Newborn children weaned on ENFAMIL had more weight and length picked up contrasted with control gathering Moms demeanor and babies acknowledgment of ENFAMIL was palatable. Capacity (bugs) were found on in one clump of weaning bundles. Presently Mead Johnson needs to get to the acknowledgment of ENFAMIL as far as its value, bundling, taste/quality among center and lower working class families. With regards to the present development of the market and the vital alternatives accessible, it is first important to evaluate whether the organization is promoting the correct item structure the perspective of the purchasers. Thus assessment of the item is important. The particular targets of the examination are to survey shopper assessment in the expansive territories of: Bundling Item Cost The end objective is to distinguish territories that should be fortified and furthermore the current quality regions that can be abused. Start up rundown Start-up expenses of Mead Johnson comprise of legitimate costs, examine, Manpower, showcasing/advancement item is to finance fire up costs with Companys held reserve, proprietor ventures and a drawn out business advance. Item Testing-ENFAMIL Research Budget Thing Unit Cost Absolute (Taka) Test item 818 150.00 122,700.00 Consultancy charge 2 8,500.00 17,000.00 Group pioneer and key individuals 8 8,000.00 64,000.00 Field Work Supervisor cum Data Quality Controllers 16 5,000.00 80,000.00 Information Collectors 40 3,000.00 120,000.00 Study Coordinator 2 7,000.00 14,000.00 Controller of Field Operation 4 6,000.00 24,000.00 Center gathering conversation 64 300.00 19,200.00 Top to bottom meeting 20 500.00 10,000.00 Information Analyst 2 9,000.00 18,000.00 Every day recompense 40 120.00 4,800.00 Specifics 2,000.00 2,000.00 Printing of Data Collection Instrument 5,000.00 5,000.00 Fixed 4,550.00 4,550.00 Copying and authoritative of reports 2,750.00 2,750.00 Pre-testing of Data Collection instrument 3,000.00 3,000.00 Complete use 511,000.00 Wellspring of Capital : The wellspring of capital is as per the following: Subsidized by organization 45% 270000.00 Proprietors venture 20% 120000.00 Advance from Bank-35% 210000.00 Complete Capital: 600000.00 Assets REQUIREMENTS FOR OPERATION: Physical assets: The physical assets of this undertaking will be incorporate all basics office types of gear, for example, PCs, telephone and fax, web association for information move, information gathering hardware. The expenses of the physical assets Taka 140,000.00 (  £1320.00) PHYSICAL RESOURCES UNIT All out COSTS Test item 818 122700.00 Printing of Data Collection Instrument 2 5000.00 Specific 10 2000.00 Pre-testing of Data Collection instrument 5 3000.00 Fixed 7300.00 Complete 140,000.00  Human Resources: POSITIONS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES Clerical specialist 1 Group Leader and key individuals 8 Managers cum Quality controllers 16 Information gatherer 40 Study Coordinator 2 Controller of Field Operation 4 Complete 71 At first there will be a Team Leader who is answerable for the operational work. One will be a clerical specialist who will manage all the desk work and who will deal with the organization obligations. The rest of the individuals will be partitioned into not many gatherings. In the wake of taking all the essential data individuals from the each gathering will advance these data to group pioneer to preparing the exercises. Money related Resources: The financing and speculations for this undertaking will be gotten from the companys own store, proprietors individual venture and advance from the Banks. Research spending plan with test items introductory costs is taka 511,000.00 (  £4820.00) RESEARCH DESIGN The examination configuration is basically an idea cum use test. The subtleties are talked about thus. New item advancement: The advancement of unique items, item upgrades, item adjustments, and new brands through the organizations own RD endeavors. The significant measures of new advancement are composed underneath with a short portrayal: Thought generation:The deliberate quest for new item thoughts Thought screening:Screening new item thoughts so as to spot smart thoughts and drop poor ones at the earliest opportunity. Item concept:A itemized rendition of the new item thought began in important buyer terms. Idea testing:Testing new item ideas with gathering of target customers to see whether the ideas have solid buyer bid. Item advancement is a significant part on showcasing. The RD of any organization does the fundamentally item advancement. In Bangladesh Mead Johnson havent have any RD divisions. Mother organization of Mead Johnson notable non-government social association have enhanced the item as indicated by the buyer need, and investigating the section, culture and the other piece of advertising. Study Design We have led a house-to-house irregular study utilizing organized polls through close to home meeting. For our situation Monadic test configuration as followed for example every respondent would attempted one test item in particular. Preceding the fundamental quantitative study subjective investigation was done through Focus Group Discussions (FGD). The feelings were gathered in following grouping in the primary study: Choice of Respondents Conversation on need holes on weaning food Prologue to idea responses thereof Item situation Responses to item Response to cost Strategy The office proposed a house-to-house arbitrary overview to be directed utilizing an organized survey through close to home meeting. For this situation Monadic test configuration would be followed for example every respondent would attempt one test item in particular. Subsequently, we propose to put the item to the respondents for a time of 15 days after which their supposition on the item will be accumulated. During this period they will utilize the item as proposed. Preceding doing the quantitative item test 8 Focus Group Discussion (FGD) will be directed to have an inside and out comprehension of the decision factors and to create shopper jargon for the equivalent.  ­Ã¢ ­ Estimating apparatuses to utilized For rating on decision factors a 11-point scale (0-10) was utilized. Purchasers will give mark out of ten. This scale has equity of stretch appropriately and is solid. This is likewise nearest to reality since shoppers know about this scale and can without much of a stretch rate on any factor. Inspecting Universe Considering the geographic spread the Company has recommended that the accompanying towns would be shrouded in the investigation. Dhaka( Capital city ) Chittagong Rangpur Syhlett In whole, the testing universe for this examination is all families having newborn children matured 4 to 10 months having a place with financial classes B and C (reference section) in the chose towns. Test Size Subjective (FGD) Quantitative Metro: Dhaka 2 156 Enormous: Chittagong 2 85 Medium:Rajshahi 2 84 Little: Syhlett 2 84 All out 8 409 The distribution of test size over the chose towns was done based on examining blunder extents and furthermore of heterogeneity of family units inside the town classes. For bigger towns higher quantities of tests were secured to catch its decent variety/heterogeneity. In all there were a sum of 8 FGDs and in this manner 409 respondents for quantitative examination. Standard blunder ranges for various rate gauges at the 95 % level of certainty dependent on basic arbitrary example size. Inspecting Technique We followed a multi stage, defined testing technique to guarantee delegate tests. Inside a town, family units were chosen by the Random Route method (Cluster testing). In each group/region (littlest urban unit) 5 families were secured. Along these lines a sum of 17-31 bunches/zones were shrouded in every town, contingent upon inspecting size. Target Group As referenced, ENFAMIL focuses on the working class and lower white collar class buyers. Center and lower white collar class customers are more packed in the urban towns than in the semi-urban towns or country towns and consequently urban objective purchasers are increasingly open to the advertisers for another brand. Subsequently, this examination would be restricted to urban towns as it were. Consequently, essential objective fragment for ENFAMIL is all the family units of the urban towns having at any rate one kid between 5 to 10 months age and having a place with the center and lower working class. Time Plan for the Study Weeks Exercises 1 2 3 4 5 6 Test Survey Preliminary Work for Sample Survey Instrumental Development Field Briefing, Training Field Work For Sampling Survey Information Entry Analysis for Sample Survey Revealing Center Group Discussion Work area Research for the program Training Module Preliminary Work Assortment of Reports, archives and recorded Data Revealing Draft Report Last Report Leader of the family The investigation of the respondents is given focus savvy and based on financial arrangement. Standard statistical surveying arrangement of salary is given beneath. Focus SEC Age of the Child (In Month) Dhaka Chittagong Rajshahi Syhlett SEC B SEC C 5-8 Months 8+ Month All out All out 156 85 84 84 188 221 218 191 409 1. Not exactly Tk 3000 15% 9% 13% 4% 4% 17% 12% 10% 11% 2. Tk 3001-4000 21% 20% 35% 14% 12% 30% 23% 21% 22% 3. Tk 4001-5000 18% 26% 31% 26% 20% 27% 22% 26% 24% 4. Tk 5001-6000 11% 14% 6% 19% 13% 11% 10% 15% 12% 5. Tk 6001-7000 10% 8% 6% 13% 14% 5% 9% 10% 10% 6. Tk 7001-8000 6% 5% 6% 4% 9% 2% 5% 6% 5% 7. Above Tk 8000 19% 18% 4% 20% 27% 6% 20% 11% 16% Mean Score (In Taka) 7199 6682.9 48649.4 6567.9 8422.5 4834.4 6968.5 5930.4 6483.7 Table : Monthly discretionary cashflow In dominant part of the market rese

History of the Black Lives Matter Movement

History of the Black Lives Matter Movement A Change Overdue Since forever, dissenting and remaining standing for a reason has been normal. It’s basically a piece of American history. Be that as it may, some have greater effects than others.â Peter Katel states in his article titled Racial Conflict, â€Å"Three words †Black Lives Matter †have started another contention over race in America. Demonstrators reciting and tweeting that motto have fought the passings of African-Americans, huge numbers of them unarmed, because of cops †the greater part of them white †in urban areas the nation over in the previous two years.† (15) The Black Lives Matter development has energized the fire for the conversation of racial equity in America. A great many people felt, before the ascent of the development, that this subject of conversation was not important to talk about. The thought was that bigotry was non-existent in America and was not as terrible as earlier years from the beginning of time. The development has gotten questionable and has brought about certain progressions with respect to police strategies yet in addition an expanded measure of brutality operating at a profit network. There are contrasting good and political suppositions, in this manner the issue has no goals starting at now. Resistance has consistently been a piece of American legislative issues, yet it is accepted that Donald Trump’s political decision has started a bigger time of fights. In an article titled Citizen Protests Alan Greenblatt says, â€Å"Fueled by web based life, showings have emerged over Trump organization approaches on such issues as human services, environmental change and movement. In the mean time, affirmed police severity and the expulsion of Confederate landmarks have stirred mass fights, some violent.† (1) The size of today’s fights is suggestive of the numerous fights in American history and particularly the social equality development of the 1960s. The United States was established in a demonstration of dissent, a disobedience to British pilgrim power. The Revolutionary War was trailed by fights, for example, the Boston Tea Party in 1773.Greenblatt proceeds to state, â€Å"There was no time in American history when all perspectives could be circulated wit hout some restrictions†¦There have consistently been a few perspectives that a few people thought were so hostile and risky that they couldnt be permitted to be heard.† (8) The ongoing resistance of Trump’s administration and fights identified with Black Lives Matter follows directly alongside the U. S’s history of mass showings. Today’s racial pressures started in the trans-Atlantic slave exchange. New consideration was centered around threats to dark guys in 2012 when a local watch volunteer slaughters dark adolescent Trayvon Martin in Florida. The trademark Black Lives Matter first appeared in quite a while reports after the 2014 shooting of dark young person Michael Brown by Ferguson, Mo cop Darren Wilson, coming about in Brown’s demise. A progression of mass exhibits developed into the Black Lives Matter development after numerous unarmed dark men and young men were slaughtered by police in New York City, Ohio, North Carolina, etc.â Criticism of the development developed as African Americans turned out to be increasingly savage towards police. Occurrences incorporate the December 2014 executing of two New York City officials and the September 2015 shooting of Houston Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth. This started a counter position marked as Police Lives Matter. Today’s clashes among police and African Americans have animated discussion about the bigger issue of race in America. In the course of recent years, the ascent of the Black Lives Matter development has motivated fights the nation over against police savagery. Some were consistent more than a little while and drew an enormous, mobilized reaction from law implementation. A few urban communities who held these gigantic showings include: Ferguson, Mo, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Baltimore, Maryland. Collier Meyerson expressed in an article titled When Protesting Police Violence Puts you in the Crosshairs, â€Å"†¦SWAT groups furnished with nerve gas, reinforced vehicles, and rifles watched the boulevards, and dissidents were liable to mass captures and police fierceness. In Ferguson, 10 days of fighting prompted 150 arrestsâ€80 percent of them for inability to scatter. About 200 dissenters were captured in Baton Rouge. In Baltimore, a gathering of oppressed inhabitants sued the city† (20). Backers for the Black Lives Matter development contend that the rise of the development is mostly because of the effects that police mercilessness and bad form in America has had on ethnic minorities. The effect isn't just enthusiastic yet mental too. In the course of recent decades, the militarization of police powers has given dark Americans more to fear. â€Å"With current innovation, police slaughtering of Black individuals is recorded for open examination and utilization. Access to these recordings has prompted uncommon open talk on what comprises severity, its associations with White matchless quality, and the ramifications for Black lives† (Alang 662). After the terrorist’s assaults in 2001, due to the seriousness of the assault on the nation, police assets expanded greatly. Cops presently are prepared as though they are in the military and utilize military techniques to oversee dissenters. Poor treatment by law-requirement officials has been a truth of African-A merican life since before the United States existed. Significantly after the achievement of the social equality development, police severity and segregation in the criminal-equity framework didn’t end, they just got covered up. Through the span of the previous three years, the rise of the Black Lives Matter development has motivated fights. As per the U.S. Authority of Justice Statistics, Today, dark men are multiple times bound to be detained than white men, and dark ladies more than twice as likely as white ladies. Dark men are multiple times almost certain than white men to bite the dust because of law implementation. While supporters of the Black Lives Matter development contend that the development is a positive, beneficial path towards change that gets attention to the racial pressures America, opposers of the development accept the development advances savagery and isn't right and could even be delegated a loathe gathering. Most opposers accept that the two sides are to be faulted for the viciousness that originates from fights and rallies identified with Black Lives Matter. As of late, Donald Trump expressed that he concurs with the possibility that both sides are to be faulted for viciousness. Trump’s political race brought another plan for the movement’s opposers. Endeavors were made to fix the things done during the Obama organization. The perspectives on Trump welcomed on a discussion from supporters and opposers of the Black Lives Matter development. â€Å"As the 2016 presidential battle unfurled, BLM activists increased a notoriety for utilizing disturbance as an approach to push the movement’s key issues† (McLain 13). The Black Lives Matter Movement includes made a discussion inside the nation just as over the world. â€Å"Black Lives Matter speaks to one of the most persuasive and questionable of the contemporary fights developments.  Much of the contention is associated with misconception, misshaped depictions, and endeavors to dishonor the movement† (Hoffman 596) Most minorities in America trust The Black Lives Matter development ought to be perceived and tested. During the social liberties development, understudies dissented and made developments like the Freedom Rides, individuals youthful and old walked on Washington, and numerous activists took a stand in opposition to shamefulness and bolted arms with dark people to request change. In this period where racial pressures are at an intense as a result of late occasions, every one of us should consider how we can impact change in the entirety of our networks and work to get it going. The time has come to make some noise and take a sta nd in opposition to bad form and off-base As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated: a definitive disaster isn't the persecution and savagery by the awful individuals however the quietness over that by the great individuals. Work Refered to Alang, Sirry, et al. Police Brutality and Black Health: Setting the Agenda for Public Health Scholars. American Journal of Public Health, vol. 107, no. 5, May 2017, pp. 662-665. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2105/AJPH.2017.303691. Greenblatt, Alan. Resident Protests. CQ Researcher, 5 Jan. 2018, pp. 1-24, Hoffman, Louis, et al. An Existentialâ€Humanistic Perspective on Black Lives Matter and Contemporary Dissent Movements. Diary of Humanistic Brain science, vol. 56, no. 6, Nov. 2016, pp. 595-611. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1177/0022167816652273. Katel, P. (2016, January 8). Racial clash. CQ Researcher, 26, 25-48. Recovered from McClain, Dani. The Future of BLM. (Main story). Country, vol. 305, no. 8, 09 Oct. 2017, pp. 1216.EBSCOhost, url= Meyerson, Collier. When Protesting Police Violence Puts You in the Crosshairs. Country, vol. 305, no. 16, 18 Dec. 2017, pp. 16-21. EBSCOhost, url=

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History of Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

History of Management - Coursework Example A portion of the known scholars whose theory’s subjects are still being used currently are Fredrick Taylor, Henri Fayol and Max Weber. They created logical administration hypothesis, current operational-administration hypothesis and bureaucratic hypothesis separately. Chiefs utilize the thoughts in the speculations to run their obligations and play out the associations' exercises to accomplish their destinations. For instance, numerous chiefs utilize the plans to arrange their laborers, compose their arrangements, control worker’s installments and utilize talented specialists to accomplish the organization goals. Frederick Taylor built up the logical administration hypothesis during the 1880s and 1890s in the assembling enterprises. Logical administration is an administration hypothesis that blend and dissects work processes. Its significant target is improving the proficiency of financial aspects, for the most part the work efficiency. It among the soonest endeavors to utilize science in the board and building forms. It needs a significant level administrative control of representative practices on their work and involves a high administrative specialists proportion to workers than the earlier administration time frames (Frederick, 2007). The hypothesis developed in a time when computerization and motorization were earliest stages. The techniques and thoughts of the hypothesis reached out to the American assembling framework in the art change in robotization and motorization. Thusly, the over work uprooting advances concerns rose with the expansion of robotization and automation (Frederick, 2007). Subsequently, the hypothesis impacts a portion of the administration techniques in today’s ventures. The hypothesis manage on the worker’s installment. Fredrick contemplated that a few workers were increasingly skilled contrasted with others, and the savvy ones were generally unmotivated. He likewise saw that numerous representatives that got compelled to maintain tedious sources of income will in general work at a more slow rate that is unpunished.

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Introducing MindMeister Presentation Mode - Focus

Introducing MindMeister Presentation Mode - Focus Mind maps are a great format to present information to others  because they display hierarchies and connections and let you see the bigger picture. But sometimes, a mind map becomes too big and too complex to effectively use it as a presentation tool. Thats why weve added an amazing new feature to MindMeister that lets you turn your mind maps into slideshows, with each slide focusing on only a few individual topics at a time. Heres How it Works: Open the mind map editor and create  your  mind map. Adding  colors, icons, images and videos  to your topics is a great way to make the presentation more engaging. Click on the presentation button in the left corner of the map footer to start presentation mode. Click on the + icon to create your first slide and automatically select the root topic or Hold CMD / CRTL while click dragging on the canvas of your map to create a slide. You can easily  reposition and resize the slide to cover one or multiple topics. You can choose from a number of transitions. Simply select a slide and open the transitions menu in the right-hand corner of the presentation footer. When youre finished creating slides, click on the  Start Slideshow  button to view your presentation. If your mind map is shared, you can live broadcast your presentation to your collaborators right inside MindMeister. Take a look at this video  tutorial  for a short step-by-step guide, or check out our help article for some more information. By the way, you can also play your presentations on your iPhone, iPad or your Android device, using one of our native mobile apps. Plan. Collaborate. Present. Sign up for MindMeister Its free! Sign up for MindMeister

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Network Security Policy Essay - 825 Words

Network Security Policy (Essay Sample) Content: Formal Network Security PolicyAuthors NameInstitutionInstructorDate Formal Network Security PolicyIntroduction The formal network security policy spells out the appropriate expectations of the network use, administration and security in an organization. The major objective of a network security is to support the network requirements of your business using risk free or methods that reduce the risk. The security policy defines what networks you must secure, and all methods that you use to secure them in supporting you mission or business. This paper outlines the formal network security policies that will be implemented in order to protect the current network environment and the services provided. Services and recommended protection measures These policies apply to all the offices, in any location and all the employees of this firm. The policies will also apply to all the computer hardware and software owned and administered by this firm or its partners. The network se rvices manager is responsible for establishing, implementing, administering, maintaining and interpreting the network security policies guidelines, standards and procedures. The responsibility of network security lies on all the employees but the specific guidance, authority and direction lies in the information technology department. The department will carry out systems risk assessment, evaluate information security products, prepare action plans for the information systems security, and perform other necessary activities to assure a protected information systems environment. The network service manager is responsible for conducting investigations of any alleged network security incidents, compromises or problems in the firm. Systems administrators have a responsibility of acting as local network security systems coordinators. They are also in charge of establishing suitable user privileges, control logs access monitoring, and performing like security activities for the systems they manage. They are also charged with the responsibility of reporting all the apprehensive network security related activities. The employees and all the users have a responsibility of complying with these and all other policies that define network security service. They are also charged with the responsibility of making known all the network security violations and vulnerability that they notice to the information technology department. The customer service database is be protected against misuse by authorized and unauthorized users through a Virtual Private Database that limits the access to the database from particular network nodes which dictates an employee to access the database while he/she is inside the intranet or from a particular subnet in the information technology department (Brijendra, 2011). The database is commonly protected from malware infections by installing a firewall. The system administrators are responsible for making the backups. All the backups media are stored in fireproof safes, in separate secure locations. All confidential information kept on backup media will be encrypted by means of approved encrypting methods. The following are some of the strategies that will be implemented to ensure network security. First, all the users will be provided with unique email address with a different username and password or an extended user verification system. Therefore, no personal emails will be allowed in any transaction of a companys operations. Concerning the emails, all emails addresses will be locked out of the system once an employee quits working for the company also those that are inactive for six months. In addition, all personal electronics such as laptops must have password securities, antivirus, encryptions, and firewall protection and a daily back up of the data in the computers. The router is the outmost security gate. It is tasked with sending IP packets to the connected networks. These packets can be inward bound requests f rom Internet customers to your Web server, appeal responses, or outward requests from internal customers. Routers will be used to wedge unauthorized traffic between networks. It must be guarded against reconfiguration by means of protected administration boundaries and making sure that latest software is used and up to date. The web services are for serving the client only thus they will only be accessible to the clients and the company employees only. In accessing the...

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Is the EU Democratic - 1411 Words

The European Union (EU), since the initial foundation in 1952 as the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and throughout periods of development, has been considered one of the most advanced forms of regional integration. It, based on numerous treaties and resolutions, has strived to promote values such as peace, cooperation or democracy, and in 2012 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having â€Å"contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe† (Nobel Media AB, 2012). Despite its struggle for promoting democracy, the EU itself has long experienced scholarly criticisms that it suffers the democratic deficit, from which its democratic legitimacy is undermined by observable problems in†¦show more content†¦Thomassen (2006: 1) notes that the legitimacy of political institutions can be assessed either with normative theories or with substantive evaluation in relation to participants. While the theoretical approaches c an be considered largely relevant to the requirements for founding democracy, the latter shows a considerable resemblance to an analytical approach which divides legitimacy into components of input, output, and throughput, each representing citizens’ demand and initiatives, process of negotiation and revision of legislations, and policies created through the process (Thomassen, 2006: 2-9; Schmidt, 2010). What can be noted from this division of components is that the lack of democracy in any of three components may undermine the legitimacy of the entire system, and that ensuring legitimacy requires the involvement of citizens (Miklà ³s, 2011: 5). In this essay, the issue democratic deficit will thereby be addressed based on such description of the democratic legitimacy which is to be understood with regards to whether the EU institutions and policies appropriately represent citizens and whether its political procedures involve citizens (Peterson, 2005: 1511-1513). Scholarly interests on the EU have not been confined to democratic issues disregarding its importance, as the unique and thus complicated institutional identity of the EU also induced major theoreticalShow MoreRelatedIs the EU Democratic?1488 Words   |  6 PagesThe European Union (EU) is fundamentally democratic and is evident through its institutions, however, the current democratic electoral structure is of great concern. The EU is a new type of political system, often referred to as a sui generis, implying its uniqueness as there exists and a non comparable political body. The EU can neither regarded as a ‘state’ nor as an ‘international institution’ as it combines supranational as well as intergovernmental characteristics (Hix, 1999, p7). In this regardRead MoreEssay On Democratic Deficit In Eu1306 Words   |  6 Pagesdeficit. One is then able to discuss contributing factors which affect the national parliaments lack of importance when creating leg islation and strategies of review such as the subsidiary and proportionality tests. When identifying the presence of a democratic deficit in the European Union, it is important to consider a range of factors, including international treaties and the effect they had on its structured governmental framework. One of the first official agreements established by the European UnionRead More A Democratic Deficit in the EU Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesA Democratic Deficit in the EU The question over the legitimacy of the EU has been a nearly continuous debate and many commentators appear to agree that the EU suffers from a severe ‘democratic deficit’. There are many reasons why this perception is so widespread. As a multinational body it lacks the grounding in common history and culture upon which most individual polities can draw. However, this should not necessarily disqualify the EU from being treated as a democraticallyRead MoreDemocratic Deficit in the Eu Essay2934 Words   |  12 PagesDoes the EU suffer from a democratic deficit? If so, can it be solved by conferring greater powers on the European parliament? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The ‘standard version’ of the democratic deficit formulated by Weiler, consisting of the increased role of the executive Commission in matters of legislation, the weakness of the European Parliament (hereafter the EP), the lack of ‘European’ elections, EU distance toRead MoreIs there a democratic deficit in the EU and if so, how might it be reduced?1300 Words   |  6 PagesIs there a democratic deficit in the EU and if so, how might it be reduced? One of the most controversial debates in the history of European Union (EU) is if there is a democratic deficit in the EU. On the one hand, many scholars argued that the democratic deficit exists in the EU. On the other hand, there are other scholars who claimed that there is not a democratic deficit in the EU. In this essay, the writer will support the argument that the democratic deficit in the EU exists and will proposeRead MoreTackling The Democratic Deficit Between The European Union ( Eu )2859 Words   |  12 Pagestackling the democratic deficit which in the European Union (EU). Apart from the economic issues plaguing the EU, which is most discussed topic, the issue of its democratic deficiency remains undebated. Democracy deficit in the EU in its ordinary meaning means that there is gap between the EU institutions and citizens in the member states of the EU. Recommendations have been put forward to bridge the gap between the EU’s institutions and the citizens in the member nations of the EU. These rangeRead MoreThe European Council And The Council Of Ministers1345 Words   |  6 PagesEuropean Council and the Council of Ministers are the best way to ensure democracy in the EU.’ Do you agree? Illustrate your answer with examples. A democratic legislature requires law-makers to be elected by its citizens and present as their representatives. The significance of democratic values in the EU governance. The democratic foundations of the EU have been defined in the Treaty of Lisbon – democratic equality, representative democracy and participatory democracy. Throughout the last fewRead MoreA Democratic Deficit Within The European Union Essay1423 Words   |  6 PagesThe claims that within the EU there is a democratic deficit, because there are extensive powers being accumulated by institutions that appear to lack a satisfactory level of legitimacy, are cogent. The question of is there a democratic deficit within the EU, despite having dominated many political debates since the 70s, is prominent in today s society now more than ever as a result of the UKs decision to leave the union, consequently causing the world to develop an growing interest in the EuropeanRead MoreThe European Union ( Eu )1339 Words   |  6 PagesThe European Union (EU) has a variety of methods to promote democracy beyond its borders. It is the contention of this paper that EU democracy-promotion policies are more significant in the context of a pre-accession conditionality. The success of EU democracy promotion is contingent upon the degree of bargaining power the EU possesses vis-à  -vis ‘third countries’ (third countries being those which seek EU membership, and are prepared to make the necessary political and economic reforms). In the contextRead MoreThe Eu Law Making Process1308 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, only 34% turned out to vote at the last EU election which implied a growing dissent in Europe. The EU is described as â€Å"undemocratic from the start†. The gist of the question is whether the EU law-making process is sufficiently democratic. EU’s democratic performance should be judged on the basis of subsidiarity, representativeness, accountability and engagement. 1.1 Democratic Deficit 1.1.1 Commission’s monopoly Firstly, there is democratic deficit as the Commission is not democratically